Shalefield Justice Spring Break

March 6-13, 2015

Registration is now open!

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Shalefield Justice Spring Break (SJSB), inspired by the Mountain Justice Spring Break (MJSB) and Summer camps hosted in the coalfields of Appalachia, will bring together members of extraction communities, college students, environmentalists, and concerned residents who are interested in learning more about fracking, other types of extreme energy extraction such as mountain top removal, and other environmental justice issues.

Participants will also learn about the history of resistance, and connect with current campaigns and projects.

Through 7 days of workshops, skill shares, speakers, hiking, music, films, direct action and more –all within a framework that seeks to acknowledge disenfranchised groups and marginalized peoples–folks will learn from and stand with shalefield communities in the struggle to maintain community determination and healthy ecosystems for all species.


  • Bring together communities that are fighting fracking and its infrastructure, along with the students and youth in their respective regions.
  • Educate people living outside of the shalefields about the culture and struggles of frontlines communities BY the people living in those communities.
  • Build solidarity beyond shale formations and across political boundaries.
  • Educate each other about all systems of oppression, stressing decolonization and intersectionality ( the study of the interactions of multiple systems of oppression).
  • Link the resistance to fracking with all other forms of extreme energy extraction.
  • Escalate resistance to fracking and it’s infrastructure on a local, regional, and national scale, without the condemnation of tactics.
  • Build upon locally existing campaigns; bring in people for long term involvement on the front lines.
  • Support communities in making a “just transition,” in which social and ecological needs are prioritized; opposing policies that cause collateral damage to communities or strengthen existing inequalities; Encouraging conservation, efficiency, community controlled renewables as alternatives to fracking and other fossil fuels.
  • Prepare participants to be healthy and effective student and community organizers.
  • Acknowledge the complex indigenous history and the on-going colonization  of Pennsylvania.
  • Learn earth skills and about the ecology of the bioregion.


  1. We believe in an organizing and movement-building model that is inclusive, participatory, decentralized and democratic. We integrate these principles into our organizing. Decisions within the Shalefield Justice Spring Break Planning Collective are made using a consensus process.
  2. We actively support one another as organizers and as healthy human beings.
  3. We actively listen to frontline communities in the struggle for community determination and healthy environments.  We collaborate with existing local campaigns and bring people in for long term involvement in those fights.
  4. We acknowledge and seek to expose the intersection between the oppression of peoples and the destruction of the earth.
  5. We recognize that those of us who are non-indigenous people are occupying stolen land, contributing to ongoing genocide and displacement that has lasted for centuries.
  6. We are committed to bio-centric, community-based solutions for environmental justice that foster local autonomy and self-sufficiency.
  7. We intentionally and strategically build relationships/networks between varied individuals, groups, and organizations seeking social and environmental justice.
  8. We believe that resistance must occur on multiple fronts; employing a diversity of tactics.  We recognize that grassroots organizing, direct action, education, logistical and emotional support are all essential and complementary towards collective liberation. We value all work towards our shared goals. We support individuals’ choices in determining their own best path of involvement, without condemnation of tactics.


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